HR is the lifeblood of any organisation. Beyond the many memes that demonise HR scattered throughout social media, this department is in fact what keeps the organisation running. Payroll and leave management aside, HR is also responsible for establishing company culture and employee benefits.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in HR. Apart from hiring the best people to juggle the many needs of the organisation, you should also look into the tech to help streamline processes.

To help you refine and simplify your search, we’ve compiled a list of 7 nifty tools that will amplify the efficacy of your HR processes. The best part of these tools? All of them start out free, giving you the freedom to try them out before committing to a full-fledged plan. 

NeuHR – Easy all-in-one HR tool 

Image credit: NeuHR

Topping our list is NeuHR, a comprehensive tool that does everything under the HR sun. This begins from a cloud-based automation system that meticulously calculates your employees’ salaries, clearly breaking these down according to taxes, CPF, and benefits. 

Image credit: NeuHR

Fully compliant with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s regulations, NeuHR also automatically accounts for leave days and public holidays in its calculations – this means no more discrepancies that could arise when you need to prorate your employees’ salaries. 

It even comes with a handy mobile app that enables your employees to download and view their payslips from the cloud at their convenience, on the go.

Image credit: NeuHR

That’s not all NeuHR handles, as it’s further equipped to level up your leave management process. Employees can use NeuHR to log their annual and medical leaves, and also submit claims for medical expenses covered under your company’s health insurance policy.

Apart from payroll and leave management, NeuHR also has an intuitive room booking system. No longer will you and your employees have to jostle over the same meeting room, as NeuHR ensures that rooms can only be used by those who book them first.

Finally, NeuHR creates a record of every employee profile and segregates them into their corresponding departments – this goes a long way towards the speedy onboarding of new staff. 

NeuHR is also the hub where you can easily upload important circulars, announcements, and messages. Say goodbye to manually sending out company-wide emails that often get lost in your employees’ bloated inboxes. 

NeuHR starts from a free-to-use plan that provides support for up to 20 employees, perfect if you’re a startup with a small roster. 

Pricing: S$29 per month for up to 200 employees

Try out NeuHR today.

Asana – Tracking of multiple clients and projects

Image credit: Asana

Are you an agency that serves multiple clients across a range of verticals? Then Asana is one management tool worth checking out. 

Not only can you create main project boards dedicated to different clients, but you can also further subdivide these boards according to different functions. This could extend to segregating tasks according to editorial, social media or graphics.

Each of these boards doubles as a project tracker, where you can create individual tasks to assign to specific people. Accessible via desktop and mobile, Asana enables you and your employees to keep track of your projects on the go.

Asana also lets you easily switch between calendar, list, and board views to help you visualise your projects according to your organisational needs. Asana is free-to-use from the get-go, enabling you to collaborate with up to 15 teammates


Premium: US$10.99 per user per month

Business: US$24.99 per user per month

Try out Asana today.

Odoo – Wide variety of business apps 

Image credit: Odoo

Odoo extends beyond the net of HR to offer you a suite of open-source business apps that cover a broad range of business functions, including sales, finance, inventory management, marketing and even ad-hoc services such

CRM, ecommerce, accounting, point of sales (PoS), and project management.

With Odoo, you no longer have to purchase individual business products that don’t necessarily talk to each other. Just one subscription to Odoo is all you need to fulfil a variety of business functions. 

As the above diagram shows, subscribing to Odoo lets you set up your ecommerce arm with Shopify, automate your EDM distribution with Mailchimp, streamline your customer relationship system with HubSpot, and establish internal communication channels with Slack.

This is made possible by Odoo’s open-source development model, which brings together best-of-class business tool developers and experts under one hub.

Odoo starts out free, although you’re only limited to the use of one app under their trial. 


Standard: US$13.50 per user per month

Custom: US$20.40 per user per month 

Try out Odoo today.

StaffAny – Staff rostering tool with timesheets

Image credit: StaffAny

If you’re a retail or F&B owner, this one’s for you: StaffAny is a staff rostering tool built around shift-based businesses. Founded and developed by Singaporeans, StaffAny harnesses the power of AI and cloud tech to organise employee shift schedules. with its time attendance system and smart timesheets. 

StaffAny’s cloud-based time attendance system, for one, enables your staff to clock in and out via their mobile devices – no need to set up clunky hardware in all your stores to track their attendance.

StaffAny also has smart timesheets which leverages automation to accurately calculate your staff’s payroll – this includes finer details like overtime calculations and work performance. StaffAny’s timesheets also help you build trust with your staff by giving them transparent access to their work history and performance. 

StaffAny has been effectively deployed across a spectrum of businesses, such as Ippudo Ramen, Ya Kun Kaya Toast, LiHo Tea, and Bar Bar Black Sheep.

StaffAny starts out free-to-use, providing support for one outlet and up to 25 staff. 


Growth: S$89 per roster per month

Scale: S$99 per roster per month

Try StaffAny today.

Zoho People – Tracks leave entitlements easily

Image credit: Zoho People

Zoho is best known for its customer relationship management (CRM) system, but it’s also an expert in HR management products. Known as Zoho People, Zoho’s HR product specialises in time-off management, tracking your employees’ leave based on location, entitlements, and holidays.

Zoho People also enables you to set the parameters of your leave management policy, ensuring that your employees adhere to the rules that you set down. The system isn’t limited to just one policy, enabling you to configure different leave policies based on how long employees have worked for you and the seniority of their positions. Zoho People also allows you to intuitively award compensatory time-off for those workers who go the extra mile and OTs for you.

Zoho People begins as a 30-day free trial with no credit card required to sign up. 


  • Essential HR: S$1.50 per user per month
  • Professional: S$2.50 per user per month
  • Premium: S$4 per user per month
  • Enterprise: S$6 per user per month
  • People Plus: S$12 per user per month

Try Zoho People today.

Google Workspace – Integrates easily with Google

Image credit:
Google Workspace

Beyond being the top search engine in the world, Google also has an in-house solution for HR and office management: Google Workspace. Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace blends right in if your organisation is already actively utilising Google’s products for its day-to-day functions. 

Under one central management system, Google Workspace enables you and your employees to seamlessly collaborate together. Need to work out a balance sheet between the finance and product departments for a particular month’s expenses? Google Sheets got you covered. Have to craft a high-level content strategy document? Google Docs lets all relevant personnel work on it together.

Beyond the classic functions of email, docs, slides, and sheets, did you know that Google Workspace can be used to coordinate room bookings in your office? This is easily done via the Calendar app, where any meeting you set up comes with the option to choose which room you’d like to book.

All Google Workspace plans come with a 14-day free trial for businesses with less than 300 employees


  • Business Starter: S$8 per user per month
  • Business Standard: S$16 per user per month
  • Business Plus: S$24 per user per month

Try Google Workspace today.

Trainual – Seamless employee onboarding

Image credit: Trainual

The hiring process doesn’t end after your successful candidate signs the contract with you. Trainual understands this, and that’s why it has developed a solution that is tailored to the employee onboarding process.

With Trainual, you can build your company’s very own playbook with the programme’s exhaustive library of policy and standard operating procedure (SOP) templates. From here, you can create actionable tasks for new joiners to get up to speed with your company’s culture and people.

You can also weave video content to add that bit of personal touch into your employee onboarding programme. Trainual’s system allows you to upload videos into the tasks that you set up for new employees to follow, where you can showcase your company’s founding story and products, among others.

Trainual offers a 7-day free trial and does not require a credit card to sign up. 


  • Train: US$99 per month for 10 seats
  • Scale: US$199 per month for 20 seats

Try Trainual today.

Best free tools for businesses in Singapore

The first step to building a happy and healthy workplace is by investing in HR. With the free tools we’ve compiled above, you can take that first step by streamlining your employee onboarding, meeting room booking, rostering, leave management, and payroll processes.

By letting the tools work their magic on the aforementioned processes, you can free up precious time and resources to focus on other key priorities for your business, such as product development and lead generation.

Out of all these tools, NeuHR stands out for uniting multiple crucial HR processes under one diligent system – no need to sign up for several products that may not be able to integrate with each other. With our integrated solution, you’ll be able to reshape your internal ops into a simple yet cohesive system that benefits both employees and management alike. 

To get started on NeuHR or find out more, email to get the ball – or pay-rolling.

Simplify your business with NeuHR

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