Our Story

In late 2012, The Smart Local was founded to disprove the idea that Singapore was boring. And to let tourists know that Tian Tian was not the only chicken rice that mattered.

We started out writing lifestyle guides that went so viral they made businesses say “make it stop!”. We then expanded into different verticals, creating 4 distinct publications that covered news, food, female and lifestyle. 

Then, we went multi-platform, building a strong network and gaining traction through  6 different channels - our web (SEO), Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram and TikTok.

Today, we are Singapore’s leading new media publishing group. You can think of us as a distribution network, a content creation house, and a planning strategist rolled into one. We get 20 million pageviews monthly, which is not bad for Singapore's 6M! These stats are just for Singapore and it excludes stats from our regional sites!

In 2018, we clinched Media Brand Of The Year for Singapore against international heavyweights like VICE, SCMP, and CNBC. The very next morning, our entire office celebrated with a McGriddles breakfast party.


But don’t take our word for it. See this quick math instead:

200M+ Annual pageviews across our articles.
10,000+ Original articles created yearly.

200M+ Annual views across our videos.
1,000+ Original videos created yearly.

3,000+ Unique clients serviced to date  
140+ Employees across the board. 

49 and 35 human years - The ages of our office cats Pika and Jaymee.

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