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TSL Media Group is a collective that's home to some of the most popular new media sites in Singapore. Our brands include TheSmartLocal, Eatbook, MS News, Zula and Telegramco. Each year, we recieve over 200 million website pageviews and an additional 200 million video views - through our social media following of over 2.5 million from Singapore. 

We're among a new generation of social-first publishers. We help clients reach Singaporeans who no longer follow traditional media, as well as savvy audiences who have become desensitised to ads. We believe that readers don't hate ads - they just hate bad ads. We value ideation and through our creative content process, we convey messages with branded content in a way that adds value  to our readers.

We were the first to provide branded content as an advertising solution at such a level in Singapore, such that it led us to win the inaugural Media Brand of the year at Mumbrella's Asia Awards, edging out billion dollar companies to take home the win for Singapore. Today, we are in 8 different markets and aim to be the #1 English media publisher in SEA. Watch our brand introduction video below!

Who we reach

A big differentiator of TSL Media Group is how we're a cross-platform advertising solution. We have significant traction on the biggest social media platforms that Singaporeans use - Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram and TikTok. We are also multi-brand, and thus have segmented audiences with different interest groups such as food, female, lifestyle, etc - so clients can reach out to relevant audiences.

Lastly, reaching readers today is not pumping thousands of dollars into a campaign and driving it through paid media, which can be extremely expensive. Readers need brand trust before consuming media and being receptive to messages. Our campaigns have reached millions of people organically, which otherwise would have cost hundreds of thousands in paid ad spend. Ask any Mandalorian and he'll tell you this is the way.

Our account director Nirelle Goh explains the importance of strong content and brand value vs paid ad spend in this video here:

A Typical Campaign Team


Account Executive


Content Strategist




Photographer / Videographer

1 You'll have a single point of contact for your campaigns throughout the years. They are attuned to your company and needs, and they are always just a message away.

2 We value ideation and so our content strategy team will help come up with exciting ideas to make your campaign perform and be sharable on social media.

3 Our team of writers, videographers and photographers bring your campaign to life. You're also given a very helpful campign report at the end.

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Branded Content Services

Editorial Content

All writing and photography will be done by our team, and we'll create an article that will be shared on our Facebook channels and it will also have high discoverability on Google search.
Find out more here.

Video Marketing

From Facebook to YouTube videos - we create anything from simple videos of where to spend your weekends to documentaries and even long-form custom branded series for brands.
Find out more here.

Social Media Amplfication

We further amplify the content we create through additional channels such as Intagram, Telegram and TikTok - allowing you to reach others audiences beyond Facebook and YouTube.
Find out more here.

Offline Coverage

On request, we can also provide help with offline coverage - such as the creation of roadshows and workshops. We organised our own Glowbeat festival in 2018, that saw over 10,000 people attending. Find out more here.

Stay up to date!Receive news, promotions and more via email from The Smart Local