TSL Editorial


At TSL, you must have an interest in covering the latest events and happenings in Singapore. You’ll also be writing about new products, conducting interviews, reviewing food etc so you must be a versatile storyteller. The best performing interns get to travel for work too.

Apart from TSL Singapore which covers lifestyle and travel, we have also expanded into home & living and regional content. (Korea/Japan).

TSL editorial content examples:
Singapore To London By Train In 17 Days Under $1,600
Cartoon Network Is A Pop-Up Festival At Gardens by The Bay With We Bare Bears

Editorial Internship Positions

TheSmartLocal Editorial 

If you’re a gifted wordsmith who can put an interesting spin on even the driest of stories, we want you. On top of that, it’ll help if you live and breathe all things local, have a keen eye for trends, and are intrinsically motivated.

In this position, you'll be contributing content to the following sites under the TSL umbrella as well:, TSL's latest innovation - a brand new localised version of Wikipedia which aims to be a free encyclopedia for all things Singapore.

Uchify, TSL's newest home & living arm. A hyperlocal online publication run by a team of dedicated writers and homeowners that centres around home renovation, interior design, modern living and the property market in Singapore.

TheSmartLocal Regional (JP/KR)

We are looking for individuals that are interested in the language, Japanese and Korean, with a strong willingness to learn them. You should also have a strong love forJapan/Korea, and a strong command of English. Basic reading and writing in Japanese/Korean will be a plus.  As a Regional Content Creator Assistant, you will get the chance to work on different things such as writing, video editing and social media management. 

The content we produce will be a mix of these topics: Lifestyle, Travel, Food and Trending News.

Our site: and

Social Media Assistant (Editorial)

We are looking for a multi-talented creative individual to join TheSmartLocal's umbrella of sister sites - Uchify and In this role, you'll be required to:

  • Take visually aesthetic photographs and come up with visually pleasing infographics to support our editorial pieces
  • Aid in the production of social media deliverables on Instagram and TikTok
  • Go on home photo shoots - some form of styling knowledge helps!

This role is suitable for you if:

  • Have a relevant videography and photography portfolio
  • Can shoot and edit both videos and photos (knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop will be a plus)
  • Can also design and/or illustrate
  • Have an aesthetic eye for content and an interest in what's trending on Instagram and TikTok
  • Have an interest in Home & Living

You will have the opportunity to pick up different skill sets such as Photography, Graphic Designing as well as Social Media Management.

Editorial & SEO Assistant (SG + Regional)

It helps if you’re a versatile and talented writer who is fully-submerged in the local scene with a keen eye for trending topics.

If you’ve always been curious about content strategy and search engine optimisation (SEO), there will be massive bonus points.

We'll teach you the best practices so you leave with a lifelong skill that will give you a huge edge when applying at most digital publications.

Editorial Fulltime Positions


We’re looking for a dedicated and proficient wordsmith to complete our editorial fam. If you’re a talented storyteller with a keen eye for viral content, we want you. If you’ve got a couple of years of editorial and managerial experience under your belt, even better. Your duties will include spearheaded client campaigns, producing quality content on TSL, along with mentoring a team of junior writers under your care.


Thrive in the fast-paced environment? Have a burning love for documenting stories and content production? 

We're looking for skilled storytellers to join our editorial team. Your scope will include collaborating with brands to produce highly useful content and pitching organic articles with viral potential. 

You need to be highly proficient in research work as well, so you can present them in a way that sparks other Singaporeans’ thirst for knowledge.


  • Minimum of 2 and 4 years of relevant experience in an editorial team for the writer and subeditor respectively.
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in subediting and experience in managing a team of writers.
  • Strong command of English.
  • Competent writer - able to write fast and flawlessly.
  • Versatile - able to adapt to our house style
  • Meticulous - great at fact-checking and editing.

TSL Video Positions


TheSmartLocalTV (YouTube)

As a Video Producer Assistant at TSL’s YouTube channel, you will conceptualise, film, and edit entertaining content that reaches our 270,000 subscribers.

From Singaporeans Try to TSL Plays, the ideal applicant is already very familiar and loves watching YouTube videos. You are required to already have basic video editing skills. It is a bonus if your portfolio includes some work that you've filmed outside of school.

Watch our videos on our YouTube channel to familiarise yourself with our content.

TSL Productions

TSLP is our Production House arm and you will require intermediate experience and should have a stronger portfolio than if you are applying for our YouTube team.

This team handles TVCs, short films and other high production commercial work. Here's a demo reel of an applicant we accepted. Your work has to be around this standard to be accepted.

On outdoor shoots, you will be required to assist in miscellaneous production roles pertaining to equipment and audio/light. There are two possible roles, and you'll assist as a production assistant or a video editor.

Video Internship Positions

Video Editor (YouTube)

The ability to make edits that are creative and funny is what's the most important for this role.

You need to already have a basic understanding of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Video Editor (TSL Productions)

Here's an example of a short-film we've filmed. This short film is considered on the lower-end of production value.

Here's a good example of a high-end production that we produced for television.

Production Assistant (TSL Productions)

You'll be helping with pre-production which includes logistics, recee, call sheets and so on.

You'll also be helping with sound, lighting and be other smaller but still essential roles during filming.

If you want to work in the film industry, this is a good way to get in to learn more from the ground up.

Productions Video Editor Fulltime Position

Video Editor (Not hiring atm)

Must have a wide creative vocabulary of visual treatments to compliment a wide range of storylines and film types.

You’ll need to have a knack in storytelling through video editing, be able to adapt to tight deadlines and explore new techniques in post production.


  • Minimum of 3 years relevant experience in post production (video editing / motion graphics)
  • Advanced knowledge in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Advanced knowledge in Davinci Resolve
  • Advanced knowledge in Adobe After Effects
  • Basic knowledge in Compositing
  • Versatile in applying different styles in editing
  • Meticulous in doing internal quality control of videos to lessen errors.

TSL Creatives


Creative Positions

This department assists in creating visuals for the company’s content with a dual skill set in photography and basic videography. In this role, you will be required to take visually aesthetic photographs to support our editorial team and your work would cover a wide range of verticals including attractions, events, food, sports, fashion and lifestyle. You will frequently attend outdoor shoots with the editorial team, and use your skills to help Singaporeans see our neighbourhoods and happenings in a new light.

Creative Internships

Creative Requirements:

  • Execute videography content for TSL's Facebook platform (note: we’re not the Youtube team ah!)
  • Execute photography content for the TSL's Website, Facebook as well as Instagram platforms
  • Assist in content creation, working closely with project managers and content strategists

This role is suitable for you if:

  • Have a relevant videography and photography portfolio - hit us with your best shots (literally)
  • Know how to use mirrorless/DSLR camera systems effectively (‘cos, we say first ah, you’ll be using it a lot)
  • Can shoot and edit both videos and photos (knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop will be gr8)
  • Can also design and/or illustrate (not compulsory but this is your chance to show off)
  • Have a good understanding of digital content and platforms


  • See something that’s trending --> able to translate that into video/photography content ideas with viral potential
  • Are not looking to be spoon fed and able to pick things up quickly and independently
  • Are okay to go out of your comfort zone and adapt to our house style
  • Are super enthu and have a can-do attitude
  • Are not a complain king/queen and have grit ‘cos you probably need to juggle several projects at once with tight deadlines

Creative FT Positions

Check back again soon for more opportunities!

TSL Social Media Marketing


As a social media specialist, you live and breathe all things social media. Instagram, TikTok and Telegram is the focus of this department,

You have an eye for aesthetics and a way with captions to capture the attention of our audience. Our social team is led by TSL's golden boy, Fauzi!

Social Media Marketing Internships

Social Media Assistant (IG & TikTok)

As a Social Media Strategist, you will be in charge of the content that is produced on our Instagram and Tik Tok channels. You will strategise ways to develop trending content, plan detailed schedules and film and upload content regularly.

You require an aesthetic eye for content and an interest in the above social media platforms, so you always know what is trending.  Basic proficiency in photography and Adobe Photoshop is a requirement.

Social Media Assistant (Live Stream)

This role is for those interested in social media content, in particular, livestreams. You will be a part of the crew to develop live-stream content for TSL. Your tasks will include ideating and producing live-streams. Basic video editing of livestream footage and basic photoshop to create collaterals for streams.

We are looking for individuals who are able to work independently, and enjoy watching different types of live-streams. You should understand basic live-stream operation (e.g. How to use OBS) and how to stream on YouTube/Instagram/Facebook and have basic competence and knowledge in Adobe Premiere Pro/Adobe Photoshop.

Digital Marketing Assistant (Telegram)

Telegram Co is one of the largest Telegram networks in Singapore, with over 420k subscibers across 12 different channels.

Enter the world of digital media and develop content that adds value to our Telegram community. You ideally love discovering and sharing all the latest events and deals. You will manage marketing operations, and craft content-in-line with client's business objectives. Reach out to a spectrum of merchants across Singapore for exclusive deals and paid advertising opportunities.

Visit our website to learn more about the department and who are the clients that we have worked with.

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