There’s no denying that the last 2.5 years have taken a collective toll on mental health in the workplace globally. Concepts from “quiet quitting” to the massive subreddit r/AntiWork have taken over the online zeitgeist, with many employees becoming more vocal about their stress and anxiety levels going through the roof from 9-5. 

If you’ve noticed your company’s culture taking a slump, it’s not too late to help your peers and colleagues. These mental health courses in Singapore specialise in corporate training programmes that companies can send their managers to attend.


1. Health Promotion Board – Workplace Outreach Wellness

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) launched the Workplace Outreach Wellness (WOW) initiative for businesses in Singapore to promote health and wellness in the workplace. Through this scheme, private companies of all sizes can engage partner organisations like Maximus Singapore and MHC Asia for their specialised mental wellness workshops.

At Maximus, for example, both general employees and supervisors can attend workshops that promote positive thinking, thriving under pressure, and building a supportive workplace.

Companies who want to jump on board WOW’s programmes can apply for co-funding of $350 per 1-hour session, so long as the headcount is above 15 attendees.

HPB Workplace Outreach Wellness website

2. Growth Collective – Employee Well-being Campaign

Social enterprise Growth Collective recently launched the Employee Well-Being Campaign in collaboration with trade association SGTech. The campaign kicks off from September 2022 to February 2023 and attendees can participate in 2 types of courses.

The first is a therapeutic 2-hour “Growth Circle” session that’s meant to give attendees a safe space to discuss their perspectives, priorities, and grow their mutuality and self-awareness. 

Management-level staff can instead take the Growth Facilitator Training course which is aimed at equipping attendees with emotional agility, reflective thinking, and other skill sets to “provide psychological aid to others.” Those who complete the training course will also walk away with a certificate endorsed by Growth Collective and the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

growth collective singapore mental health courses
A timeline of the Growth Collective campaign.
Image credit: Growth Collective

Growth Collective website

3. Limitless – It’s OK to not be OK workshop for corporates

Growing up in Singapore, you might have felt this underlying pressure to suppress your emotions for the sake of the “greater good”, whatever that may be. But the non-profit organisation Limitless is here to assure you that it’s perfectly okay to not be okay, and negative emotions aren’t all that bad.

Their workshop for corporate entities is named after the saying, with a lineup of activities including a 1-hour-long lunch to understand mental health and a 4-hour workshop to learn signs of distress and how to support a struggling peer. Managers can also undergo the 4-hour workshop on managing crises where Limitless will teach coping methods and psychological first aid.

Limitless website

4. The Positive Movement – Well-being webinars & corporate retreats

Image credit: The Positive Movement

While the stigma of mental health has significantly decreased over the past few years, there’s still more work to do. The Positive Movement is here to educate course participants on the psychology behind mental health challenges while debunking common mental health myths.

They offer 3 types of courses: 60-minute wellbeing webinars, a half-day mental health response training for leaders, and corporate retreats that can be done in-person or virtually.

Managers would benefit the most from the half-day workshop. The first half of the workshop teaches participants how to identify symptoms of depression and anxiety. Then, the course will equip them with skills to support themselves and others both mentally and emotionally.

The Positive Movement website

5. Avanta Global – Mental Well-being at Workplace Training Course

There might be times when you notice a colleague struggling, but you’re unsure of how to approach and help them. Avanta Global’s Mental Well-being at Workplace Training Course will hopefully teach you how to appropriately start a conversation with distressed colleagues while staying supportive through listening and empathy.

The course will take about 4 hours to complete and costs $100 per participant.

Avanta Global website

6. Happiness Initiative – Choose from 8 corporate programmes

happiness initiative mental health courses
Image credit: Happiness Initiative

Mental health workshops aren’t always a one-size-fits-all package. To enable your colleagues to succeed in the workplace, Happiness Initiative has curated 8 different programmes that specialise in corporate well-being. Some of their corporate clients include Capitaland, Netflix, and the Singapore Kindness Movement.

Whether you want your managers to communicate better with their teams, or help your employees find meaning at the workplace, there’s something out there for your company. Each programme is 90 minutes long, although that can be adjusted if you think the participants might need more help. It can also be virtual or in-person depending on your WFO/WFH arrangements.

Happiness Initiative website

Mental health courses in Singapore for managers & companies

While wellness allowances and mental health days can do wonders for an employee’s morale, a company’s management team can also take things one step further by empathising with their team and supporting them when they’re feeling overwhelmed. This way, stronger working relationships and a communicative environment can be better built.

Managers can enrol themselves in these mental health courses in Singapore to guide them through, especially if they’re concerned about walking on eggshells or saying the wrong thing.

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