Embracing Human Connections: Scoot With Heart’s Emotional Reunions Touch Hearts, Garnering Over 1.5 Million Views

Uncle Wee: Asking Strangers If We Can Have Lunch Together

 Over the holidays, Scoot launched the “Scoot with Heart” campaign, aimed at championing the value of human connections and facilitating meaningful reunions through travel. In collaboration with TSL Media Group and local service agencies Lion Befrienders and the Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training (FAST), Scoot With Heart successfully orchestrated heartwarming reunions for two families, garnering significant attention and engagement from online netizens.

Uncle Wee: 101 years old and living away from family

The campaign featured two individuals, Uncle Wee and Myrnamie, whose stories resonated with audiences due to the overarching theme of reconnecting with loved ones. Uncle Wee, a centenarian residing alone in Singapore while his relatives lived in Indonesia, experienced a heartwarming reunion with his grandnieces, made possible by Scoot, who flew them over after hearing his story. The family spent quality time together, including a visit to Gardens by the Bay, where professional family photos were taken to immortalize these special moments.

Myrnamie: Asking Strangers If We Can Hang Out With Them

Myrnamie, a foreign domestic worker from the Philippines who had been working in Singapore for six years alongside her sister-in-law Jessa, experienced an emotional reunion with her husband and daughters, who were flown to Singapore by Scoot. The reunion included a day at Universal Studios Singapore, creating a joyous and tear-jerking moment for the family.

The campaign, with over 1.5 million views, generated more than 173,000 engagements and 1,000 positive comments from viewers deeply moved by the initiative and the heartwarming stories of these two families. This underscores the significance of face-to-face interactions in a world increasingly centered around digital experiences.

Here are some campaign highlights that warmed the hearts of many:

“Travel is more than just getting to a destination; it is about connecting cultures and people we love. ‘Scoot With Heart’ is also more than just a marketing campaign; it is our way of encouraging the community to treasure the human connections they have in their lives. Whether it is making an effort to put an effort to put your mobile phone aside at the dining table to have a genuine chat with a loved one, or to ring up a friend just to check-in and re-connect, we hope that this campaign sparks off such meaningful conversations once again,” said Agatha Yap, Scoot’s director of marketing, communications, marketing partnerships and loyalty.