Amidst many new ideas pushed out by Sembawang GRC, we crafted a fun and entertaining video to introduce their various initiatives. By having Minister Ong take the helm of the videos, the witty banter between our talents and he managed to charm our viewers, garnering positive sentiment throughout the entire campaign. Since then, the campaign has shown great success, with Sembawang Town Council’s Facebook page having the highest number of followers and likes across all GRC pages in Singapore.


As GRCs continue to roll out initiatives for their residents, they find it harder to keep the audience engaged and educated about said initiatives. Sembawang Town Council wanted to ensure that the audience would be aware of their various efforts, such as the opening of Bukit Canberra. However, initiatives like these were on a smaller scale with lesser hype, which required more creativity to keep the audience engaged.


We realised the importance of creating an angle that would make Sembawang Town Council’s initiatives more interesting and appealing while incorporating Minister Ong into the mix. We wanted to draw attention, and hence decided to approach the campaign with the angle – ‘What unexpected activities can we do with a Minister?’. By injecting humour across the various campaigns with this angle, we made the information decimated more palatable to the audience. With videos such as “Minister Ong Tries Gen Z Foods”, “Never Have I Ever” or “I Annoyed Minister Ong With Puns”, the viewers got a more personable outlook into the representative minister, and were engaged through a variety of formats such as posts and stories.


The video of Minister Ong trying Gen Z foods made over a million impressions, and reached over 800,000 people. Since starting the campaign, SBTC’s Facebook page has had the highest number of followers and likes across all GRC pages in Singapore. The overall impressions the campaign assets have made is 2.6 million, with campaign engagement being almost 8 times higher than the industry average, demonstrating the success in getting their initiatives to reach their audience.