In celebrating its tenth year anniversary, the Group announces a two-month-long celebration which puts its followers, partners and the wider community in the forefront.

Singapore, Sep 2023 – As part of TSL Media Group’s belief in creating content that is authentic and valuable to its readers, the media tech collective has rolled out a large-scale #TSL10 birthday campaign from September onwards. The campaign starts with $35,000 worth of food treats to be given out across Singapore this month, followed by a series of fun and quick-fire “$100 Challenges” which will bring the celebration right onto the streets of Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia in October. The challenges will range from the easy, such as volunteering a house tour, to the exciting, such as bringing willing participants on all expenses paid whirlwind trips to Europe. More details will be shared on the Group’s official social media channels in late Sep. 

This community-driven approach extends beyond the Group’s birthday celebrations, which merely kickstart multiple initiatives over the next year centered on cultivating TSL Media Group’s audience, giving back to the local communities, and bringing together like-minded industry professionals:

  • The Group will be piloting #ContentForGood, a multi-platform content pillar designed to spotlight social issues and create rippling do-good effects in Gen Z and millennials. This is part of the Group’s bigger initiative on community partnerships as they undertake production efforts on a pro bono basis. Confirmed partners currently include Mandai Wildlife Group and Temasek Foundation, and work is due to start from Q4 2023.
  • To facilitate industry camaraderie, the Group will be setting up an inclusive media network of publishers, creators and digital agencies. This professional community will have access to unique opportunities through thought leadership events, networking sessions and curated industry insights.
  • Concerted effort will be made to utilize insights derived from the Group’s Data Management Platform (DMP) and other proprietary tools more comprehensively. Brands within the Group’s network will be elevated through data-driven campaigns which plug in instantly to the hearts and minds of Gen Zs and millennials. 
  • TSL Academy, which was launched in May 2023, will be training media practitioners more rigorously through formal partnerships with IHLs such as Republic Polytechnic and Singapore Management University. The offerings will now range from masterclasses to short courses and full certificate programmes across a variety of media-related topics, and tailored for students, corporates and even C-suites.

All these are part of a concerted effort to put people in the forefront, an approach that the Group sees itself actively adopting in the next phase of its growth.

“TSL is known for our hyperlocal content, and we’ve spent the past 10 years developing active communities that positively influence society,” says Bryan Choo, CEO and Founder of TSL Media Group. “We’d like to thank our 4 million followers for being a critical part of our success, allowing us to reach over 200m pageviews and an additional 200m video views yearly. We’re hoping to continue to create positive and meaningful content for decades to come, with our content strategy now strengthened by our recently acquired data insights team and research arm.”

For media enquiries, please contact:

Li Sihui

Head of Brand Comms, TSL Media Group

+65 9389 9395


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