While we’re used to seeing plenty of advertisements from commercial brands promoting the latest product or service, sometimes we don’t give as much credit to ads by public agencies or ministries. Of course, this shouldn’t be the case, given that they too have generated some catchy and memorable ads in the past; some of which have even trumped those from renowned commercial brands.

One such example would be our Singapore Armed Forces, who have actually produced some pretty impressive commercials, either for recruitment purposes or just to flex and flaunt their latest hardware and/or capabilities. As such, it’s time to fall in and check out our compilation of the best SAF ads that we’ve seen over the years.

1. RSAF & You – Limitless Together (2018)

Image adapted from:
Ministry of Defence Singapore

One of the best commercials that we’ve seen from the SAF hails from our Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), that released a recruitment ad titled “RSAF & You – Limitless Together” for the RSAF’s 50th anniversary in 2018.


What impressed us the most was how the entire concept of the video revolved around a split screen; on one side, showing various aspects of the RSAF;, and the other, various snippets from civilian life. In order to properly carry this off, the team would have had to ensure that the elements of both screens complemented each other seamlessly in their transitions, else it would have came across as messy and disjointed.

Needless to say, the entire video was executed very well and portrayed not just the juxtaposition of military and civilian life, but also how both lives could be integrated together. Bearing in mind this was aimed at recruitment, we’d say that it definitely nailed the brief.

Oh, and did you know that the background song – titled Limitless Together – is actually an original piece composed by the media team? Hats off for the added effort!

2. It’s Not Crazy, It’s The Navy (2021)

Image adapted from:
Ministry of Defence Singapore

In order to pull off a successful ad, sometimes what is needed is an easily recollectable slogan or phrase, like McDonalds’ I’m Lovin’ It, or L’Oreal’s Because You’re Worth It.

Going down this route, the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) unveiled a recruitment ad just last year titled “It’s Not Crazy, It’s The Navy”, which is a pretty simple yet easy to remember phrase that captures the essence of one’s friends/family’s reaction you tell them that you’re planning to sign on to the Navy.  


The ad starts off with a scene of an argument between a lady and presumably her father, who gets angry upon hearing that she was going to join the Navy. Then ad then transits to outline various challenges that a Navy career will entail, before moving on to highlight the deeper meaning and purpose of our Navy, and what makes the sacrifices all worth it. 

The video ends with the lady defiantly walking off with a steely determined look, and in a plot twist, shows her father actually smiling after witnessing his daughter’s tenacity.

Produced by Mullenlowe Group, we must applaud how the ad embarked on a narrative-driven approach in depicting a scenario that could very well have happened in real life. This makes the ad all the more relatable, and creates that resonance between the RSN and the audience.

3. Seeking Female Warriors: Our Singapore Army (2020)

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Another recruitment commercial that impressed us was “Seeking Female Warriors” by the Singapore Army, which was targeted specifically at female recruitment.


What was particularly interesting about the ad was that it featured female Army officer CPT Eastina Tan as having the same ruggedness and professionalism as any other soldier.

This conveys to the audience that women in the Army are as equally capable as their male counterparts, and that a career would be life-changing and empowering in more ways than one. 

Plus, having CPT Eastina narrate and ‘share’ her story adds that extra sense of relatability, which in turn boosts the overall efficiency of the ad in promoting a career in the Army for women.  

4. Find Your #AboveAll (2022)

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Released just only over a week ago, the latest RSAF ad is themed ‘Find Your #AboveAll’, and we must admit upfront, contains some pretty breathtaking cinematography.


Moving away from the lighthearted and ‘feel- good’ concept of past campaigns, this ad instead takes on more of an action-packed direction, with scenes of RSAF personnel performing various operations or in training, as well as showing off some cool hardware and equipment. 

While the ad’s storyboard is nothing very remarkable or novel, what truly elevated it was how the entire video was shot -; a good number of scenes involved an angular tilt and zoom which creates the sense of being in flight, while underscoring the professionalism and capabilities of the RSAF. 

Coupled with adrenaline pumping music and narration that hypes up the feeling of being indomitable, what results is a well-executed ad that strongly conveys the slogan of the RSAF: to be above all.

5. Defending Our Everyday (2013)

Image adapted from:
Ministry of Defence of Singapore

Going back in time, this television commercial produced by the RSN almost 9 years ago aptly highlights the mission of the RSN in defending Singapore, as well as the people in uniform who make it all happen.


Rather than just using generic footage of personnel in action, this ad instead depicts the personal experiences of four RSN servicemen and women in their various roles in the Navy. 

By naming them and outlining their appointments, the ad creates more resonance with the audience, almost to the point where we’re sharing in the profiles’ experiences and being vested in their journey.

Another nice touch was how the ad ends with varying scenes of the profiles’ personal lives; being greeted by their family when they return home, enjoying time with friends, or even just spending time soaking in sights of the Singapore skyline. 

On the whole, it was another simple but meaningful ad, conveying both what a career in the Navy will bring, and more importantly, the reason and purpose for doing what they do.

6. Our SAF – For Singapore, For Singaporeans (2015)

Image adapted from:
Ministry of Defence Singapore

Up to now, all of the commercials in our compilation were recruitment ads launched by the individual Services. And so, it was only fitting that we rounded off our list with an ad featuring all 3 Services. In this case, the said ad is the one titled “Our SAF – For Singapore, For Singaporeans”, launched in 2015 as part of the SAF50 celebrations.


Unlike the previous ads in our list which were more or less meant for attracting people to sign on to the SAF, this last one was not so much for recruitment purposes, but rather just to underscore the mission and purpose of the SAF, and to flex how it has come a long way in ensuring Singapore’s safety and sovereignty.

Right off the bat, there are many elements within this almost 15-minute long video that makes it a truly great ad. But if we had to pick three points, we’d have to say that it was a combination of: showcasing a recruit’s journey from his point of view, the heartfelt and tear-jerking interview messages by soldiers’ families, and at the end where both the SAF pledge and Singapore pledge were recited in tandem. 

The whole video succeeded in evoking a whole series of emotions in viewers, and encapsulates every single message that it intended to convey.

SAF Ads Over The Years

Overall, it’s clear that the SAF has been stepping up its ad game by tapping on creativity and ingenuity to develop fresh angles and concepts in the production of ads. And if these 6 ads are anything to go by, we’re sure that the SAF will continue to explore new ways to come up with the next impressive commercial.

Cover image adapted from: TheRSAF, Ministry of Defence Singapore


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