Around a decade or two ago, a big bang called social media exploded into our lives. As the years pass, different platforms come and go, but the one OG that has never left the scene is – drumrollYoutube.

Even now, where brands are generally more inclined to create more bite-sized content to grab eyeballs, the art of film and videography is still here to stay. And it’s not just our favourite Youtubers that get this – there are many brands out there that get the memo too. For proof, here are the best examples of Youtube marketing in Singapore this 2022.

MCCY – “Only Together” for racial harmony


You can’t underestimate the importance of racial harmony, much less how much we Singaporeans hold it to our hearts. That said, some may admit that the way it’s being approached can be a teeny dry and repetitive at times. Putting our social studies textbooks aside, MCCY has come forth with “Only Together”, which has gained 325K views in 5 months.

Much like a dance movie trailer, this video has very engaging videography, topped up with a catchy rap song that deserves a spot on Spotify SG Top 50. You’ll catch prominent local musicians like Tabitha Nauser in relatable settings such as in the school classroom, which will surely evoke some nostalgia from our growing up days.

SIA – “Cocktail Conversations” with famous personalities

Episode with Masterchef Australia judge Matt Moran that went viral with 3.2 million views.

Not only do we Singaporeans have Changi Airport, a.k.a. one of the best airports in the world, we also have world-class Singapore Airlines (SIA) to boast about. We love their in-flight entertainment and – good news – we can now enjoy SIA content from the comforts of our home with their “Cocktail Conversations” series.

With 2 episodes uploaded, tune in to interesting conversations by figures such as local artiste Hossan Leong, where he chats about his travels while at the new SilverKris Lounge at Terminal 3. There’s also an episode with Matt Moran, a chef you might recognise from Masterchef Australia, where he muses about his love for Singaporean cuisine.

Public Utilities Board – Lively take on pertinent issues

As much as the climate crisis is brewing, it does take more than a “switch off the light” nag from our parents to kick in good habits. Apart from the iconic “Save the Turtles” meme 3 years ago, another campaign that does a great job in spreading the word is “We Can Make Every Drop Count” by the Public Utilities Board, which gained 637K views.

Again, a refreshing use of perspective and drone videography was used. By DDB Group Singapore, this video cleverly taps into the classic Singaporean kiasuism by noting that we “love to count”, as showcased in scenarios such as our grades and our “likes” on social media.

It then transitions to drive home its main point saving water and electricity. Furthermore, it brings up the fact that conserving utilities helps save money, which is all the more important given that inflation has never been a more pertinent topic. – Disco-inspired with icons Phua Chu Kang & Rosie

No words can capture the happiness we feel when a childhood icon comes back to the scene. Back home, that’s Phua Chu Kang and Rosie, who’s one of the best Singapore TV mothers we grew up with. But instead of giving a dose of their antics, the couple is here to urge us to take the dose as part of’s vaccination campaign.

Viral at 1.7 million views, this DDB Group Singapore project features the whole works of punchy dance moves, spunky disco vibes and full-on Singlish lyrics – making its high reach and impact pretty much self-explanatory.

Shopee – 6.6 sale with Naomi Neo & Suhaimi

Shopee is more than just an e-commerce site to buy anything and everything. Behind great products come great advertising, like how this Shopee video on Facebook got more than a million organic views within 2 days. 

Likewise, this short 30-second clip promoting the great Shopee 6.6 sale has also garnered many views and positive sentiments from viewers. Amidst its bright colour scheme and music that’s well to stick in your head, it features famous local content creators and artistes like Naomi Neo and Suhaimi respectively.

TAFEP – Poignant film about workplace discrimination

Even as we’re past the Me-Too era, calls for gender and workplace discrimination, as a whole, have never been more rampant, and rightfully so.

You may have recognised TAFEP’s poster advertisements along bus stops and MRT platforms, and now you’re about to see their film version titled “Workplace discrimination. Know it to end it”.

Done by BBDO Singapore, this film brings out arthouse vibes, addressing gender, racial, age discrimination and how they, indeed, do not affect work performance. Responding well to viewers, it garnered around 842K views in 9 months.

TheSmartLocal – World Mental Health Day with MCCY

If there’s one quote that sums up the ‘rona era, it’ll be “it’s okay not to be okay”. Truly, taking care of one’s mental health is too important to be understated, and there’s nothing more liberating than being able to talk about your struggles without judgement, an opportunity that TheSmartLocal created in conjunction with World Mental Health Day.

In collaboration with MCCY, 99 Singaporeans ranging from TSL personalities to politicians like Tin Pei Ling openly share their lives’ darkest moments. Indeed, there’s strength in vulnerability, as seen in how positively many viewers responded to the video. Over on TikTok, the same video blew up with 1.3 million views.

Best examples of Youtube marketing in 2022

While it’s almost instinctive for many of us to press “skip” before our ads are even past 10 seconds, it’s not always true that these ads are akin to junk mail and not worth our time. Even as some ads fall into the trap of being cliche, there are many more out there on Youtube that leverage on the platform’s perks to generate impactful content.

Being the one-stop platform to watch videos, the choices brands can make to generate effective marketing is limitless. Through styles such as indie film-making or getting our favourite artistes on board for an unfiltered dialogue, these 7 marketing examples prove that, perhaps, they are the real videos you’d be looking to watch on Youtube.

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