Mother’s Day is a time to pay tribute to one of the most important ladies in our life: our mums. Our birthgiver, nurturer and occasional nagger, mothers often play a big role through our childhood and even in adulthood.

As such, even as we get swept up in the busyness of life, it’s worth taking a pause to appreciate all the tributes out there that recognise the beauty and sacrifices of motherhood. Here are 5 brand campaigns that managed to do this in a timely way, without erring on the side of cringeworthy sentimentality or cliche.

1. IKEA Singapore

IKEA is known for its witty taglines and puns – and they didn’t disappoint this year by putting together a bunch of #relatable quotes often said by Asian mothers. Yes, we can almost hear our mums’ voices in our heads “This is a home, not a hotel” or “Drink more water!”

ikea mother's day 2022
Image credit: IKEA Singapore

IKEA Singapore cleverly tapped on that relatability and even weaved in relevant products like glasses, food containers and trays. Well, if it saves us from some nagging, this is the kind of product selling we don’t mind at all.

2. Scoot

Travel is back and Scoot sure is a fast one to ride on the loosening of travel restrictions. For Mother’s Day, they tapped on this upcoming wave of repressed – and unleashed – #wanderlust by suggesting Scoot flights as a way to treat yo’ mommas.

Image credit: FlyScoot

We loved how Scoot got all nostalgic by highlighting what mums do for kids on family trip through a video that weaves in Scoot destinations seamlessly. From being “a currency converter in Bali when the number of zeros confuses me” to “keeping our Berlin winter trip warm by packing 200 hand warmers”, the video highlights how mum has always elevated trips in the past through her care and concern.

All together now, awww.

3. NTUC Fairprice

NTUC proves it isn’t just a “boomer” or “auntie” brand with its highly punny TikTok video made for Mother’s Day. Making use of everyday NTUC products such as Brie cheese and Lipton tea, this Tiktok clip had us chortling at the witty puns that formed an appreciative Mother’s Day message.


Happy Mother’s Day!

♬ Mother’s love (piano ballad, gentle, touching)(966955) – TrickSTAR MUSIC

Image credit: @Fairprice TikTok

After all, look at this zinger: “There’s really no butter mother than you!”

4. SK Jewellery

Not everyone is comfortable expressing their love directly to their parents, especially in reserved Asian cultures. So, this Mother’s Day, SK Jewellery decided to turn that habit on its head, getting employees to call their mums and actually say those important words: “I love you.”

Image credit: SK Jewellery Facebook

The effect is an authentic and endearingly awkward video which tugs at heartstrings, with some mums expressing their love back – and one mum cutely requesting for a gift of small jewellery. It goes to show you don’t need a huge production to create a meaningful video with seamless brand association.

5. CapitaLand

Everyone knows a CapitaLand mall, with these icons of capitalism dotting the landscape. Beneath the glistening buildings, the brand showed a more human side on Mother’s Day, featuring their employees who are mothers, and sharing inspirational stories from them.

Image credit: CapitaLand Facebook

From a breast cancer survivor to mums who share their challenges like exhaustion or constant hospitalisation of their kids, we couldn’t help but see the everyday beauty of motherhood through them. And of course, turning the question back on the kids in the video “Why do you love me?” reaped a few laughs and smiles. 

Best Mother’s Day campaigns 2022

For occasions like Mother’s Day, it easy for brands to do a simple congratulatory post, but these brands really stepped it up by coming up with ads that were heartwarming, witty or #relatable. 

To stand out from the crowd, it seems that getting a deep understanding of your audience is key. Be it travel-deprived millennials or tired mums just seeking some affirmation, folks want to see their stories reflected in ads, and in turn, brands get major brownie points and that positive association of a more human side.


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