Scoot Campaign A National Day Standout – Exceeds 1M Social Media Impressions In A Week

During the busy National Day Period, many brands fight for visibility and to be associated with the surge of positive patriotism. Scoot is one consumer brand who successfully stood out from the clutter and achieved more than 1M social media impressions organically in a week through #ScootHomeChallenge, a social-first campaign. 

Seeing the synergies between the two brands’ positioning and target audiences, Scoot partnered with TSL Media Group to bring to life a campaign that revolves around the theme of connections. Centered on the distinct Singaporean accent, something that is very close to the hearts of Singaporeans, a series of hero assets in short form video format (a reflection of current consumer habits) augmented with Telegram posts, KOL & editorial content were produced with the aim of generating a feel-good effect among Singaporeans during the National Day period.

The campaign was put together swiftly within a tight timeline to coincide with the National Day festivities. TSL Media Group oversaw its end-to-end production and sent teams to both Seoul and Melbourne to execute social challenges to maximise engagement. Over $6,000 worth of Scoot flight vouchers were also given away.

Our distinctive Singaporean accent which conjures a sense of comfort and belonging to any Singaporean, whether travelling or residing overseas. In #ScootHomeChallenge, we play on this familiar sentiment by bringing an element of home to those overseas and wishing all Singaporeans a happy National Day.

Here are some campaign highlights which delivered very positive feelings to viewers:

  • “POV: You Spot A Singaporean Overseas”
  • TikTok – 92,200 reach/ views, 1,354 engagement 
  • Instagram Reel – 683,306 reach, 717,000 views, 15,977 engagement


  • “Surprising Singaporeans in Seoul with $100”
  • TikTok – 151,700 reach/ views, 13,462 engagement
  • Instagram Reel – 365,782 reach, 135,000 views, 5,463 engagement


  • “Surprising Singaporeans in Melbourne with Kopitiam Drinks”
  • TikTok – 495,100 reach/ views, 57,831 engagement
  • Instagram Reel – 365,782 reach, 144,000 views, 7,133 engagement 

“As a homegrown brand, we understand that National Day is a time of nostalgia for Singaporeans all around the world. It was an opportune moment for us to highlight that as an airline, we enable connections not just to various destinations, but also help people to connect with their loved ones and favourite memories of home. Being proudly Singaporean, we relate strongly to hearing another of us when overseas and we’re happy to help “locate and connect” with one of our own in Melbourne and Seoul through this campaign. As they say, you can take one out of Singapore but you cannot take the Singaporean accent out of our DNA!” says Agatha Yap, Director, Marketing and New Revenue, Scoot