With an over-saturation of e-commerce marketing campaigns in Singapore where the average consumer is bored with the typical ads, we produced an organic comedy video for Shopee, that received immensely positive audience sentiment, gaining a million organic views within a span of 2 days.


Shopee wanted to build trust amongst their users while highlighting their benefits and in-app functions. However, with the sea of marketing strategies deployed by the e-commerce industry, we had to look for a way to emerge past the rest of the campaigns and establish Shopee as the platform as the top platform for Singaporeans.


We worked closely with Shopee to target their ideal audience – engaged Millenials and GenZs who are savvy with social media. We decided to appeal to this demographic by creating a comedy video created based on observations of the dating struggles many have experienced. The Shopee evergreen asset is a short 4-minute video depicting a relatable storyline that stars familiar TSL personalities, who convey the lighthearted script in a fun and engaging manner. Featuring a series of plot twists and dramatic audio cues, the audience was kept engaged as we weaved in Shopee’s key messaging.


With the focus on producing content that would garner organic engagement, the audience instantly resonated with the video with its fun and relatable concept, and the short clip quickly blew up, gaining a million organic views within a span of 2 days. Garnering over 15,000 reactions and 200,000 post clicks, the campaign received lots of positive reviews, with many praising how the ad was low-key and well-executed.