Stickers have become the quintessence of the Telegram experience. Whether your vibe is best represented by the many facial expressions of the Kardashian sisters or the ultra-cute Pusheen, chances are, you punctuate your conversations with lots of them.

But a lesser known fact is that with every sticker pack you use, you’ve helped artists build businesses and organisations raise awareness like the Ministry of Health’s Thank You Pharmacy Staff sticker pack. Here are 5 Telegram sticker packs that were the perfect instruments for publicity. 


Targeted at promoting financial literacy among the youth in Singapore, Seedly runs a website-blog as well as a Telegram channel. And what better way to promote a Telegram channel than through Telegram stickers? 

telegram sticker
Image adapted from: Seedly

Not all sticker packs find viral success – fortunately for Seedly, their decision to create a collection of stickers depicting an average Singaporean millenial’s struggles when it comes to working and managing finances was a wise one. 

Dubbed the “Sad Millennial”, this sticker pack is one that most of us straddling the new world of adulting can relate to. Through this, Seedly subtly markets their personal financial Telegram channel as the solution to this sad millennial’s financial woes. 

Download the Sad Millennial Telegram sticker pack here.


telegram sticker
Image adapted from: Telegram – Mito

Singaporean student and part-time artist, Ho Jun Sheng, originally created a sticker pack based on his fictional character, Mito, to be used amongst his friends. When Mito blew up unexpectedly, surpassing 52,000 sticker downloads on Telegram and over 2.7 million sticker uses, Jun Sheng made a strategic business pivot and started his own small business. 

From selling physical stickers and prints at pop up stores around Singapore, Jun Sheng gradually gained recognition for his artistic talent and rose the ranks to collaborate with brands such as Aunty Anne’s. Who would’ve thought some Telegram sticker doodles would eventually transform into a money-making opportunity?

Download the Mito Telegram sticker pack here


telegram sticker
Image adapted from: Telegram – Holy Moly

Another local artist that made her artistic debut through launching the Telegram sticker pack, Holy Moly, is student and part-time artist Kuah Jing Yi. Jing Yi’s successful sticker pack spurred her to open her own small business where she sold various products ranging from enamel pins to socks. 

As PinesnPrints grew in popularity, Jing Yi opened pop-up booths all over Singapore and was even given the opportunity to attend a craft event in Taiwan. 

Download the Holy Moly Telegram sticker pack here.


telegram sticker
Image adapted from: Telegram – Blobby

Though Welsh Cartoonist Alex Norris gained popularity for his artwork through online publications of his cartoon strips on social media as well as through his online store, having Telegram stickers gave Norris an online presence unlike before. 

A ‘blob’ named Blobby that is loving, awkward, and most importantly, relatable; Norris’ stickers were circling Telegram, ultimately increasing his fan base and by extension, his patrons and customers. As they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and Blobby was so loved, imitation Blobby’s started popping up all over ecommerce platform Shopee. 

Download the Blobby Telegram sticker pack here 

telegram sticker
Image adapted from: Telegram – Wonderfoodlife

Though the Singapore government does not exactly fall under the category of a ‘brand’, a sticker pack that we couldn’t skip is the Wonderfoodlife sticker pack that the government launched to brighten the lives of Singaporeans during the circuit breaker period. 

From word play via Singlish puns using distinctive Singaporean food to reminders to “don’t share” fake news, these stickers were an informal way for the government to reach out to the people and spread awareness of real issues in a light-hearted, humorous, and personable way.

Download the Wonderfoodlife Telegram sticker pack here.

Here are some other notable Telegram sticker packs that were released by government bodies: 

Telegram stickers as a modern marketing strategies 

Advertising, as we know it, is changing. With the advent of social media, everything that is consumed by the masses has to be fast and entertaining or people just won’t pay attention. To counter the growing disinterest in flyers and newspaper ads, advertisers have gotten creative by advertising on social media. 

On social media platforms, people become advertisers themselves, naturally sharing what they find entertaining/ relatable/ humorous. Telegram stickers, in this case, are just one of the many ways brands have begun seeding their content into our everyday lives without us realising it. 

In addition to these sticker sets, check out these convenient and relevant Telegram channels that are sure to stick with you.

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Cover image adapted from: Telegram – Wonderfoodlife, Telegram – Mito


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