Although TikTok is known for bringing entertainment in the form of short clips to its viewers, knowing how to utilise the platform as a marketing tool has also become a very important skill for brands.

It’s all about posting the right content at the right time – and with the clever use of relevant hashtags, even businesses have the opportunity to shine. From selecting the right lo-fi bgm to catching their viewers’ attention within the first 30 seconds, these are 6 local brands who are blazing through the TikTok scene with creative content.

1. Din Tai Fung SG
@dintaifungsg We don’t judge, all of our diners are still a 10 in our eyes ? #dintaifungsg #hesa10but #fypsg #fyp #sgfoodie ♬ original sound – 444.songss

It seems like Din Tai Fung SG has also hopped onto the POV trend on TikTok, by inviting their dumpling chefs to feature on their page. Other than crafting delectable pork dumplings, the DTF has also been busy creating content that sheds light on the magic hands behind their food.

Their mouthwatering take on the “he’s a 10” trend gained a whopping 1.3M views – the draining of the gorgeous xiao long bao will either make your stomach growl or make you feel like flipping the table at such a sacrilegious act.

@dintaifungsg Part 1: Chef’s POV “I always feel like somebody’s watching me” ? #dintaifungsg #foodie #fypsg ♬ original sound – Rat man

Ever think about how we look like peeking in from Din Tai Fung’s kitchen window? Just take a look at this Chef POV TikTok – it’s hilarious and refreshing take on the experience has garnered over 45.1K views and 4K likes.

@dintaifungsg Thanks for visiting, Sir! @ongyekung #dintaifungsg #foodie #fyp ♬ original sound – Din Tai Fung SG

They’ve even managed to squeeze in an interview with a special patron, Minister for Health, Ong Ye Kung. His unexpected appearance on Din Tai Fung’s page has since gone viral with over 230K views.

Din Tai Fung SG’s TikTok

@uniqlosg Bra + top = Bratop? ?#uniqlo #fashion #style #bratop #bratips #allinone #grabandgo ♬ original sound – UNIQLOSG

Gen Z-ers have been given the reins of this next brand’s TikTok account. In fact, everything about UNIQLO SG’s TikTok page screams spontaneity and personality. Their cheeky interns and talents also have a way with the content they produce, making their audience chuckle behind the screen with relatable daily experiences and clothing struggles.

@uniqlosg We’ve had it up to ʰᵉʳᵉ with unflattering bottoms ? Try our online alteration service!#uniqlo #uniqlosg #lifewear #alterations #tips #hack ♬ original sound – UNIQLOSG

Just this fit-hack TikTok alone gathered 154.8K views and nearly 8K likes, becoming one of UNIQLO’s best-performing posts on the page. You know your content is a hit when viewers take to the comments section to enquire about the products featured in the TikToks.

While we continue to snack on UNIQLO’s never-ending stream of TikToks, it truly seems as if their admins never run out of ideas. From fashion hacks to dance challenges, they easily incorporate their products and promotions into their TikTok content. 


3. Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)
@myscdf SCDF is officially on tiktok! Follow us for more content that’s lit like this! #myscdf #ANationofLifesavers #tiktoksg ♬ original sound – Singapore Civil Defence Force

The newbie on the block, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) recently joined the club in August 2022. It’s very first post managed to strike a chord with many Singaporeans, racking up 41.7K views and numerous patriotic salutations in the comments section – a great start for the account. 

Through POV clips and quirky challenges, SCDF tries to raise awareness about a day in the life of an SCDF officer is like and how they mitigate all sorts of hazardous incidents. 

@myscdf Replying to @rssrebirth Just don’t. #actingchallenge ♬ original sound – Singapore Civil Defence Force

While SCDF might be new to the TikTok scene, many of their informative posts like “how to deal with oil fires” and “Call 995 For Emergencies Only” have gone viral, showing their reach and influence on the social media platform. 

In fact, the latter was a funny local take on the emoji acting challenge, quickly going viral and it has gained nearly a million views as of October 2022.

Singapore Civil Defence Force’s TikTok 

@frankbyocbc Client: You’ll get plenty of exposure as form of payment ? *flips table* #fypsg #tiktoksg #FrankLOL ♬ ylang ylang – ?? • Friends

Call FRANK by OCBC a TikTok whiz. With the way it cleverly uses a variety of ways to grow its audience, such as storytelling and brand hashtags, the people behind FRANK are obviously not playing around when it comes to their marketing tools.

Its comedy series, #FrankLOL is sure to make you laugh out loud as the hashtag suggests. The relatable and memeable content under the hashtag which has 308K views is a great balm for weary souls after a long day.

@frankbyocbc Arguably the best Thunder Tea Rice in Singapore ?? Do recommend to us if you think there are better ones #thundertearice #fypsg #MakanwithFrank ♬ original sound – FRANK by OCBC

Other than comedic videos, they’ve also managed to target avid gamers with #frankgameon, foodies with #makanwithfrank, and tourists with #franktravels. Other than the arsenal of content they push out on a regular basis, the use of strategic TikToks allow its audience to easily locate and access the content they enjoy. 

It has also recently began using its platform to empower and build a community for local entrepreneurs through the hashtag #Frankmakers, such as modest activewear, GLOWco and popular Twitch streamer, supercatkei. 

FRANK by OCBC’s TikTok

5. Changi Airport 
@changiairport it’s the up and away that counts ? #tiktoksg #fyp #travel #planespotting ♬ original sound – 444.songss

I bet many of you didn’t expect to see Changi Airport on this list, did you? Well, other than having swanky facilities and gorgeous malls, the brand certainly has other talents as well – acing their social media game is one of them. One should only expect the very best from one of the world’s Top 3 airports.

One of Changi Airport’s most clever TikTok moments was it hopped on the sassy “She’s a 10” trend, which had people calling it “big brain energy” and breaking out into a stampede of their own aircraft jokes in the comments.

@changiairport Reply to @robbertjimquirimi This is your sign to head for a dip before your flight ? #tiktoksg #fyp #ChangiAirport #hiddengems ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

Changi Airport might be the most surprising brand on this list but it’s definitely the most slay one. To date, it has posted numerous TikToks, many of which have gone viral with views anywhere between 600K to a jaw-dropping 2.6 million. 

From posting aesthetic clips of themed events to sharing their own take on international TikTok trends, Changi Airport has obviously done a great job at capturing the hearts and eyes of aviation and travel enthusiasts alike – all 40.6K of its followers and counting.

Changi Airport’s TikTok

6. Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY)
@mccysg Dive into a @team_singapore swimmer’s life ??‍♀️ as @rishibudhrani interviews Letitia Sim in her element — while being wayyy out of his. Catch Letitia at the #CommonwealthGames, and read more about this Q&A in the link ✌️#sgtiktok #fyp ♬ original sound – MCCY

The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) is an organisation that has been thriving on social media. Through TikTok, it has managed to enhance its efforts to inspire and empower Singaporeans through the arts and sports.

From “lightning-round” interviews with local athletes to heartfelt cultural exchanges in their “Do You Really Know Me?” series, the Ministry’s content appeals to locals and helps to strengthen community bonds through this online platform. 

@mccysg Let’s cheer on TeamSG shooter @martinaveloso as she gives it her best shot this SEA Games! #GoTeamSG #seagames31 ♬ original sound – MCCY

Much of their content has also gone viral, including the TeamSG TikToks which have gained an average of 450K to 650K views. It seems that many Singaporeans are curious about our local athletes – and that MCCY has done a superb job at garnering public support and attention for TeamSG.

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth’s TikTok

7. Burger King Singapore
@burgerking_sgCannes lion award-winning worthy♬ original sound – Burger King Singapore

Another F&B brand that has earned their Gen-Z seal of approval, Burger King’s “intern takeover” tactic has certainly paid off. Many of their TikToks have gone viral, with a few having views in the millions. 

@burgerking_sg brb need to find the k-drama romance for myself so im gonna get the new Ultimate Cheesy Dynamite Burger ?✋? #fyp #tiktoksg ♬ original sound – Burger King Singapore

Burger King has taken the platform’s culture of informality in stride, often posting clips with straightforward and obvious humour that their audience readily gobbles up. Whether it’s POV videos or “what your Burger King order says about you” TikToks, Burger King knows how to spice up their marketing content.

Burger King Singapore’s TikTok

Singaporean brands with super strong TikTok game

Nowadays, even expensive marketing strategies can’t beat the power of TikTok. All it takes is a minute-long clip to take a brand to the next level. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. 

Brands have to stand out from the crowd with nuances to their content, taking into consideration the time, context, and visual aesthetics. With just one application, you can reach millions of people within the span of minutes, go viral, and build a larger presence online.

Even if you’re not acing the TikTok game just yet, there are other ways to subtly market your products. TheSmartLocal is one such publication that teams up with brands to produce creative, original content that reaches the masses.

@thesmartlocalsg We asked 99 Singaporeans to share about the darkest moments in their lives and TLDR, their stories were 100% relatable. Head to the link in our bio for the full video. #MentalHealthAwareness #daretoshare #standtogetherformh #fyp #tiktoksg ♬ original sound – TheSmartLocal

A recent example of a well camouflaged branded content piece that went viral is this emotionally-charged TikTok on thesmartlocalsg that showcased the darkest moments of 99 Singaporeans and how they got through them.

The full YouTube video which the TikTok is based on.

The clip which is quite the tear-jerker was a collaborated effort with the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, that garnered close to half a million vies on TikTok in a matter of days.

@tslhacks For when your date is #HotAndBothered but it’s because Singapore heat and humidity no go ?? @SB Home #fyp #tiktoksg #DidYouKnow #sgnews #hacks #thingstobuy ♬ original sound – What The Hack by TSL

Another stellar example of inventive marketing on TikTok is this ad that TheSmartLocal did for Slurpy Bear, a new dehumidifier brand in the market. The video was posted on their spin-off TikTok page, tslhacks, and was a straightforward one narrating the benefits of the product and how it solves problems Singaporeans currently face when battling Singapore’s dreaded humidity. The post garnered a total of 114.9K views and 7.164 likes, and a couple of converts in the comments section.

Across their many sister brand TikTok channels, TheSmartLocal has managed to garner a total of over 300K followers. If you’d like to engage us for a TikTok campaign, drop us an email at!

Here’s more of some other ingenious brands and campaigns:

Cover image adapted from: FrankbyOCBC, Uniqlosg, Changiairport


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