Singapore, 27 Oct 2022 – TheSmartLocal (TSL) premiered their new dating reality show One Week Love last week, a 10-episode series assembling ten singles under one roof in an accelerated bid to find love. The show features a diverse group of Singaporeans including a musician, model, KOL and fitness trainer who have to live together and win challenges in order to score dates. 

The show is the first of its kind in Singapore, where local dating norms are put to the test. For seven days, contestants are put through activities tailored to accelerate the dating process. This includes barefaced one-on-one breakfasts every morning, couple dates and cooking meals as a team. One Week Love takes a page from successful reality shows like Single’s Inferno, Love Island and Terrace House, but with a spin by putting contestants through challenges around Singapore – under a unique time constraint of just one week to fall in love.

Audience responses so far have been highly positive. Other than receiving over half a million views on YouTube in just a week, many Singaporean have praised the high production value and are happy that they are finally being able to see a show of this calibre in Singapore.

One Week Love

One Week Love partnered with notable companies such as Grab, GaiGai, Lyf@Funan, HipVan and Meadows among others. Marketing folks have commented positively on how brand placements were seamlessly placed throughout the series. 

Food and groceries were bought through Grab, a dating workshop was conducted by a GaiGai coach, and rooms were stocked with Meadows beverages. These brands took a novel approach to marketing by steering away from direct advertisements and letting the reality show do the selling. It is similar to what happens a lot in the K-drama scene, but it’s not something often seen in marketing in Singapore.

One Week Love is directed and produced by TSL’s in-house production crew, and is the media company’s first foray into a dating reality series. Executive Producer Bryan Choo feels that “Clients are looking for novel ways to engage with consumers as readers these days are desensitised to the typical advertisement. It’s all about being creative to have your work stand out, and this can be quite costly. We feel apart from being a dating show with a great concept, One Week Love is also a one-of-a-kind product and we’re glad so many brands have come on board for our first season. We’ve gotten them amazing ROI to their core audiences are we’re now exploring partners for our second season”. 

One Week Love

With five episodes currently out on TSL’s Youtube Channel, the series has reached over half a million views. The remaining episodes will be released twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday on TheSmartLocal’s YouTube channel.

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