This is for anyone who ever had dreams of starting their own company, but the risk was always too high and you didn’t know where to begin.

It is our goal to create e-commerce companies that are greatly accelerated by strong media distribution. Think of the next Prism, SecretLab, Aftershock and so on. But of course, those are red oceans with a ton of competitors already.

We wish to do this in a blue ocean – a fresh vertical where there is little competition and we can become the market leader. We want to focus on building a high-quality brand and providing real value to our customers – being the best in class in that vertical.

There are many uncrowded spaces in Singapore and the region, be it a streamlined F&B like the very successful Wok Hey or to specialise in healthy snacks, certain furniture, children’s toys, appliances and so on.

And so TSL launched a Start-Up fund in 2021 to invest in e-commerce entrepreneurs. TSL will use our media properties to help launch the product and acquire customers. We will provide capital and help with branding, user acquisition and execute the digital marketing strategy on social and through FB/Google ads.

Update: – a freeze-dried fruit healthy snack brand, is our first brand launched from the TSL SUF!

Taken at one of our roadshow booths.

TSL has 5 different companies, all of which are profitable and we’ve been through this phase where we built companies from the ground up, many times. We now wish to impart this knowledge to a new generation of Singapore entrepreneurs and use our media and marketing reach to make these companies successful.

We will take an equity stake and provide mentorship, so you can be self-sustaining after the initial funding. After revenue starts coming in, we’ll take a step back as a silent partner and be hands-off in the running of the business – but will always be available for business and strategic consultation.

What TSL will provide:

  1. The start-up capital so there isn’t financial risk on your end.
  2. Business / management advice and know-how.
  3. Support like office space, our proprietary HR and media tech tools as your company scales.
  4. Marketing support through collaterals, videos and articles on our sites.
  5. FB/Google digital marketing mentoring and imparting of skillsets.

What TSL is looking for:

  1. A great business idea and a talented founder / co-founders.
  2. A blue ocean product that can be sold online – be it lights, furniture, food delivery etc.
  3. High calibre individuals well rounded enough to take care of the operations.
  4. A track record of excellence.
  5. Desire to own your own business and being able to commit fully.

Preliminary market research has to be done to get and this application must be filled in well to get an interview.

You can apply here.


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