We’ve helped contribute to our partners VISA winning an award at the PRAwards 2021! Read the full article on Marketing Interactive here. The full video playlist of this custom branded series that we created in collaboration with VISA can be seen here.

Here’s what VISA had to say:

Brand collaborations and content partnerships were key centrepieces in bringing local brands to top-of-mind recall. Working with consumer-centric publications such as The Smart Local, allowed for impactful storytelling with an already engaged community of followers. This also allowed the #WhereYouShopMatters campaign to be seen in a different light that taps on the heartstrings of Singaporean consumers.

Here’s what the owners featured in the video had to say:

The exposure has certainly increased the awareness of our brand. From the campaign, we have more people inquiring about what we do and more people are interested and curious to try what we create. We are thoroughly appreciative of this opportunity and are glad to be part of this campaign. -Yeo EK, Co-Founder/Brewmaster

The campaign has given further affirmation and attention to our continuous efforts on making The 1925 Brewing Co. as a proud Singaporean craft beer brand, and the resoundingly positive response motivates and compels us to continuously create more innovative styles of beers that will define our Singapore identity on the world stage. -Ivan Yeo, Co-Founder/Executive Chef

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