The Brief:

Multi-awarded EHL Hospitality Business School, founded as Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in 1893 in Switzerland, has been in the business of training people in the art of hospitality and service for more than a century. While they’re known for their European campuses, they’ve only recently set up their first international campus in Singapore.

Hitting the ground running, EHL Group was due to promote their first-ever Singapore Open Day 2022. The client turned to TheSmartLocal, to tap on our holistic reach and hyper-local content creation abilities.

What TSL Provided:

Social media in Singapore is fragmented – some people are drawn more to editorial content while others prefer video. Some people only use Instagram while some swear off Facebook. It is for this reason, a holistic campaign is necessary to reach out to different segments of the population. One of our unique abilities is having a very strong presence over all the major social media channels in Singapore. We have over 2.5 million followers across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Telegram.

For this campaign, we recommended both an editorial and a video for EHL Group’s launch in Singapore.

How We Did It:

Editorial content marketing:

With our data-driven approach from producing over 10,000 articles each year, we knew that there would be huge interest in Marina Bay Sand’s “underground city”. So we reached out to MBS for permission to create a guide to provide an insider’s look into what it’s like to manage MBS from behind the scenes.

The association was both befitting and relevant to showcase EHL Group as a top international hospitality business school and it also benefited Marina Bay Sands which got to showcase their multi-billion renovation and expansion initiatives.

The Results:

After this article was published, our SEO-driven content allowed EHL Group the vantage point to own the top spot on Google Search for keywords relating to MBS’s underground city. No SEM or paid media was needed to constantly maintain their top spot – it was organically the #1 result on Google and many of our clients love that our content ranks so well on search engines. In some cases, these articles continue to offer high utility to serve their branding awareness even years after the campaign ends.

From a social perspective, the article went viral over Singapore, reaching over 430,000 people with $0 in paid media. It just performed so overwhelmingly positively because of the investment in interesting original content that we made happen.

Video Content Marketing:

As part of the holistic approach, TheSmartLocal also created a comedic video, where we tackled the topic relatable to couples. Those interested in video marketing can also refer to our case study for MOE where we used video marketing to promote conversational Malay.

In this EHL video, we showed a couple who realised their partner was slowly becoming like their mom – a relatable topic to many Singaporeans. In the end, the couple encounters an unfortunate situation and complains to the waiter. To their surprise, the waiter defused this situation through his hospitality skills. We then introduced EHL’s hospitality leadership, where they champion how soft skills can be paired with great know-how to produce the most inspiring talents.

We ended up exceeding internal benchmarks by 1,400%, delivering over 1.5m reach on Facebook and over 900k views for just the video alone.

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Our client partner Ms Yu Jia Lim, APAC Marketing Officer of EHL Group had very positive words to say about this holistic campaign “This is one of our best-performing partnerships in APAC so far. Thank you (TheSmartLocal)!”.

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