If you’ve caught Netflix’s chart-topping documentary The Tinder Swindler, you’re probably well acquainted with the scammy shenanigans of Simon Leviev (real name: Simon Hayut), who has seduced several women into giving him alarming sums of money. 

From pleas that “his enemies are after him” to love-bombing these women with luxury hotels and fancy meals, Simon’s strategies have managed to win over his victims’ hearts. As for us, we’re a bit more cynical – but these brands have somehow charmed us with their witty trendjacking of this eye-opening documentary.

We pick a few brands that stand out more than Simon’s supposed diamond inheritance. 

1. Prism+

Prism+ tinder swindler
Image credit: Prism+ Facebook

The “fighting my enemies” thing via text has become a meme of epic proportions after Simon used that as a way to get his victims sympathetic and willing to fork out a whole lot of moolah to help him out in an emergency. 

Prism+ facebook copy
Image credit: Prism+ Facebook

Prism+ takes that text message plea in the documentary and cleverly juxtaposes it with an image of Simon living the high life in his private jet, all while making a reference to their product – their new TV series. We are almost convinced to transfer Simon the cash for the home entertainment setup of our dreams. Peter would approve. 

Bonus: Nando’s Malaysia

Nando's Malaysia Tinder Swindler
Image credit: Nando’s Malaysia

Our neighbours across the Causeway have also jumped on this text message bandwagon, asking for money to buy some tasty chicken from Nando’s. Their speed at trendjacking the Netflix docu has earned them kudos from netizens, and of course, fried chicken beats fancy meals bought with another woman’s money any day.

2. Carousell 

Remember Ayleen Charlotte? She was one of the victims who “swindled” the Tinder Swindler by getting his branded clothes and selling them on eBay to recoup her losses.

Tinder Swindler Carousell
Image credit: Carousell Facebook

Well, in Singapore, Carousell would most likely be our eBay if we were ever to get “catfished by a V’day date” (according to Carousell’s caption).

Revenge sure would be sweet if we could sell some ADLV and Balenciaga tees from our cringey ex-boyfriend, too. 

3. Myprotein SG

When Simon was finally cut off from funds after the concerted effort of his victims, he began to transform from diamond scion to that weird-smelling guy from your 6-bed Airbnb hostel. 

Myprotein SG, which stocks sports nutrition supplements, tapped on that epic “before-and-after” contrast for their witty social media post. 

Simon leviev before after
Image credit: @myproteinsg

Here, they unleashed a battle cry to gym-goers and sporty folk to keep on working out to “defeat your enemies”. Plus, illustrated how everyone feels after an intense leg workout: shag, and decidedly not glamorous like Simon-with-the-shades. 

4. Endowus

Anyone who has been on Tinder for a time will know that it can be hard to find a good match. They need to be easy to talk to and non-dodgy to warrant you taking the risk of giving away pieces of your heart. 

Endowus facebook Tinder Swindler
Image credit: Endowus Facebook

Similarly, besides the romance arena, finances are another high-stakes area where you should find a solid investment partner or platform. 

And this Endowus post promises just that – how they’ll be a trustworthy bet to keep your money safe. We can only hope that this match doesn’t leave you saddled with debt or a lack of funds like the poor girls. 

Bonus: Singapore Police Force

Okay, fine, so technically this isn’t a Tinder Swindler reference, but the opportunity for a trendjacking moment is bursting with possibility!

As you may know, ploys like the OCBC scam and internet love scams have been on the rise. So it’s not just in European countries where Simon frequents that this happens – it is right here in Singapore, too. 

As such, you might have seen these SPF ads asking you to think twice before you ever give a trusted loved one large amounts of cash. After all, these are professionals who know how to exploit even the supposedly savvy among us.
singapore police force scam ads
Image credit: Singapore Police Force

We’ve also spotted a TV advertisement that tells the heartbreak of a possible love scam from the National Crime Prevention Council. 

While we love both campaigns, we’d love to see these local brands tap on
The Tinder Swindler’s popularity, too! Over to you for your next social media post, SPF 😉

Tinder Swindler Trendjacking

As The Tinder Swindler breaks Netflix charts and shines the spotlight on the ever-increasing number of scams swirling around in our backyard, brands who’ve successfully trendjacked this have helped made the documentary larger than life.

And trendjacking doesn’t even need to be high effort like Simon’s elaborate plans, as most of these are simply memes or simple social posts. So, the next time you want to trendjack, keep your pulse on pop culture and use your wit – you might be the next one to charm millions. 

Cover image adapted from: Prism+ Facebook, Carousell Facebook

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